A Love Letter to My Toilet

Love Letter to My Toilet

Today, I’ve decided to take the words “On the Go” a bit differently and share with you a love letter to my toilet. For those who suffer from one or more gastro-intestinal diseases, or any autonomic or autoimmune disease that effects your stomach, here’s a little humor to lighten your day! 😉


Dear Toilet,

Thank you for always being there for me, through the good times, and the bad. Your door is always open, and sometimes when it’s locked, I know it will be open again in 3-5 minutes — give or take a few. You’re always a shoulder to lean on… and puke into. All those nights we’ve spent together watching movies, reading great magazines. Whenever my diarrhea kept me up, you stayed awake with me all night through, watching sitcom re-runs. All those times I ran to you with a problem, and you solved it almost immediately. When everyone else is tired of my health problems, you still take my shit. When I panic and run to you, you keep your cool (unless of course the last person warmed you up a bit). You never complain about my foul smelling gas, or resent that I don’t spend enough time with you because I’m always sick. After all, you are my best friend, and more often than not, I ditch everyone to hang out with you. On rainy nights we cuddle up next to the sink. You never ask me why I’m eating strange foods, or question me when I look ill. You don’t sweat the small stuff — in fact, you flush that down quite easily. You don’t expect me to dress up for you, or put on makeup. You never judge me. When I’m with you, I can let go, and just let everything out. The moment I see you, I feel a sense of calm and relief. Dear toilet, you are forever my oldest and truest friend.

With great love,

Jessica Kendall James

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