Finally Feels Like Fall

Fall Spoonie Fashion


Here in California, it has been one HOT summer. Heat makes my POTS symptoms act up and triggers swelling and inflammation, so Fall and Winter are my favorite months. Plus, I just love that cozy feeling you get from snuggling up next to the fireplace with friends and family on a chilly evening, or going to a pumpkin patch on a windy day all wrapped up in ripped jeans and a sweater – nothing could be better! My BlogLovin’ and Instagram feeds are blowing up right now with awesome girl bosses showing off all the cute new Fall trends, and I can’t wait to get cozy in my favorite sweater and a good pair of booties again. This week, the weather cooled off into the 70’s, so it finally feels like fall! In honor of that cozy Fall feeling, here’s a few inspired looks, Spoonie style. (The second look includes compression tights for all my Potsie girls.)

With great love,

Jessica Kendall James



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