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All the links I’m loving lately, from the cutest Spoonie apparel and organic skincare favorites to the latest health hacks that have improved my quality of life!

When I went hiking in the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago, I brought a cute little backpack everywhere I went, and I’ve been obsessed with carrying backpacks instead of purses ever since. Not only are they adorable, they make it easier for me to carry plenty of snacks, waters, my medications and my EpiPen without pulling on my shoulders or hurting my back. On the contrary, they actually pull my slouchy shoulders back a little to help with my posture and improve my back pain. I’m currently lusting over this one from ASOS.

I recently posted on my Instagram about how eating healthy fats like acai and coconut is helping reduce my brain fog. I love to save money by making my own homemade acai bowls using these frozen pure acai bars blended with frozen pineapple and lemon juice. Top it with some sliced banana, blueberries, and coconut chips, and you’ll be in breakfast heaven!

How cute is this oversized sweater  with compression tights for the perfect cozy winter day?!

Excited to try these Autoimmune Protocol Paleo protein bars after a fantastic review on SpoonieLiving. I ordered some for my mom too!

I struggled with severe GERD from the time I was nine until 6 months ago, when my incredible new GP introduced me to these Orthobiotic probiotics. Because I have osteoporosis in my left jaw, I can no longer take PPIs. I had to find another solution that didn’t involve me curled up in pain every day from terrible burning in my stomach and esophagus. I have tried a number of times in the past to lower and eliminate PPIs, but no antacids seemed to be enough so I had to stick with the PPIs. Then, 6 months ago, my GP informed me that the right probiotic can rebalance the bacteria and acid levels in your gut. Who knew that all these years PPIs were just masking the problem, but something as safe and healthy as a probiotic could actually solve it?! I’ve been feeling incredible ever since. I’m not on PPIs or antacids anymore, and I… drumroll please… am actually going to the bathroom regularly without laxatives! While I also attribute some of this consistent bowel movement to my strict Autoimmune Protocol diet, the probiotics play a large role.

Want, need, must have these earrings from, a cause-focused jewelry line. The jewelry is gorgeous, plus you get to choose what charity 10% of your purchase goes to! I’m in love.

Just joined this awesome network of chronic illness bloggers. If you are looking to connect with other Spoonie bloggers or connect with and review chronic illness products and related brands, you can apply to be part of the network here!

This organic sunscreen was my skin’s best friend while I was hiking the Grand Canyon. It not only protected my sensitive skin from getting burned at all, it also kept my face moisturized in the crisp dry air and didn’t clog my pores no matter how many times a day I reapplied. The healthy oils in it also made it last an extra hour through a bout of rain we hit the second day. I wear the shade Light and it is the perfect tint to add a little sun-kissed glow to my face while evening out my skin tone so that I don’t need to where any foundation during activities like hiking.

I am so in love with this online Organic Beauty shop that I’ve barely been shopping anywhere else for my makeup and skincare lately! Levert Beauty is truly a one-stop shop for only the best organic makeup and skincare, selling hero products such as Vapour Organic Beauty and May Lindstrom. Not to mention their impeccable customer service. It is so pleasant and easy to contact their customer service representatives or send back products that do not work for me, and with every order I receive from them, I get a sweet personalized note and two or three sample products to try. I have gone back to order three different sample products in full after using up the samples because I loved them so much! I am looking forward to trying this serum, praised by famous natural beauties like Gwyneth Paltrow, in my next Levert haul.

I am so honored to have one of my articles featured on this month! If you didn’t catch my 10 Tips for Navigating Relationships with a Chronic Illness, check them out here.


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