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Illness may change us, symptoms may challenge us, but we were designed to heal.

Introducing The Spoonie Planner

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What is a Spoonie?
A “Spoonie” is anyone facing a health challenge that affects daily life and limits or effects the amount of energy, or “spoons,” a person has available to face each day. Spoonies can include those with a chronic physical or mental illness, disability, ongoing cancers, or other conditions that impact their everyday energy and/or healthcare. Spoonies typically need to spread their daily energy, or spoons, more carefully to accomplish daily needs. Healthcare alone can sometimes use up all the spoons a person with a chronic illness has, but the goal of Our New Healthy is to enable Spoonies to organize their healthcare and daily life better so that they have many more spoons to spare for life outside of their healthcare.

What is The Spoonie Planner™?

Each Spoonie Planner is a powerful tool. Designed for Spoonies and their caretakers, loved ones and medical team, The Spoonie Planners are a way to organize and tackle healthcare issues, while limiting the impact illness has on your quality of life, and preventing it from becoming a full-time job. Instead, each Spoonie Planner empowers patients and caregivers to achieve more effective and efficient healthcare. This enables them to spend their newfound time and energy, or “spoons,” not stuck in the complicated healthcare process, but instead on enjoying their life to the fullest, spending time with loved ones and achieving dreams. There is life beyond diagnosis.

The Spoonie Planner Set comes in a handy, slide-in style box that can be neatly and beautifully shelved for patients to build their own, personal healthcare archive. Inside are two interactive notebooks: The Spoonie Planner Daily Planner and The Spoonie Planner Medical Diary.

The Medical Diary is an invaluable tool for patients, caretakers and their medical team in the diagnosis and treatment process. It allows patients to record any and all pertinent information in one handbook, which they can take with them to doctors, testing and treatment appointments, and use to take charge of their healthcare. You are your own best healthcare advocate, and this book provides the organized system to make it possible.

The Medical Diary also:

A) improves communication between patients and their medical team;

B) provides better record-keeping to eliminate unnecessary trial and error with medication and treatment options, and to cut out unnecessary time and frustration waiting on endless phone calls, paperwork, faxes, and more that come with trying to get together lab work, health records, medication lists and contacts for new healthcare providers;

C) promotes doctors working as a single, unified team on your healthcare, and looking at the full picture, rather than solely looking at their own piece of the health puzzle or specialty; and

D) overall, allows for a preventative, rather than a reactive, approach to healthcare.

The Spoonie Planner Daily Planner is an exciting and life-changing tool for both patients and caregivers alike. It provides yearly, monthly, and daily tools and organization for creating a happy, healthy, and beautiful life. Among other features, the Daily Planner designs a balanced lifestyle in which healthcare becomes a piece of the patient’s day, rather than their entire identity. It does this by integrating the best of all planning for a healthy happy life with the best of healthcare tracking and daily nutrition and exercise needs.

Among other features, The Daily Planner:

A) allows for patients to transcend the cycle of a constant healthcare juggling act to design and live a life they truly love, while still getting the best healthcare possible;

B) creates a system for balancing your healthcare appointments and responsibilities with social, career, school, hobby, and other goals, joys, and responsibilities;

C) uses tools like daily communication and feelings “cheat sheets” to empower patients to build a better relationship and understanding with their own bodies and needs, and teaches patients and caregivers how to reach out and communicate more effectively with each other, friends, family and colleagues to prevent the isolation, guilt and misunderstanding that can come with the challenges of dealing with a chronic health condition;

D) designs a balanced lifestyle in which healthcare becomes a piece of the patient’s day, rather than their entire identity, and in which caretakers can better ENJOY their time spent with patients instead of drowning in the daily tasks of caretaking;

E) provides a daily log for patients to track their health, career and personal successes, while simultaneously providing a daily log that can be passed around between caretakers in a family and, if needed, nurses and practitioners to provide for a more efficient and stress-eliminating scheduling and communicating system;

F) includes an address book for patients and caregivers to log their key contacts, pharmacies, insurance carriers and healthcare providers to stay in touch with throughout the day;

G) stores easily accessible key information for daily living all in one place, including a monthly updated medication list, diet plan, and more;

H) helps patients to balance other daily, weekly and monthly goals, priorities and activities;

I) creates a daily to-do list system that is more positive, effective and achievable (instead of one big to-do list, there are two lists — one is a list of priorities, and the other is a list of things you want to get done if you have extra “spoons,” or time and energy that day. This allows for patients to have more successful and fulfilling days without the guilt of cancellations and incomplete tasks);

J) challenges patients to focus on the positive parts of each week with a weekly-check-in;

K) provides a weekly prep page to fill in every Sunday, to eliminate stress and make for a more productive week ahead; and

L) to top it all off, it’s a super, darn cute and trendy planner to take along with you on your daily tasks!

This year’s Daily Planners will be offered in undated 52-week form.


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