What you didn’t know about Celiac Disease

what you didn't know about celiac disease

In recent years, gluten-free diets have become quite popular, particularly among Hollywood and fad-diet crowds. Because of this, Gluten-free diets have also become controversial. Sadly, this has led to a great deal of confusion and misconceptions about the reality and severity of Celiac Disease as an actual disease, rather than a diet. In truth, Celiac Disease is a very real and serious disease, and can be life-altering if not properly treated. Furthermore, Celiac Disease does not just affect the digestive system as many would assume, but the health of the entire body. Below are some great links to the key information doctors and the current public narrative don’t always tell you about Celiac Disease.

Buzzfeed has a fantastic and to-the point article called “14 Things that You Didn’t Know About Celiac Disease.” It’s a great starting point for learning and sharing with loved ones some key important facts about what Celiac Disease really is, what related symptoms and diseases to look out for, and how, if untreated, it affects people in ways most of us don’t realize.

When it comes to understanding how severe and life-altering the symptoms and dangers from untreated Celiac Disease can be, check out this personal story from well-known gluten-free baker and blogger Jennifer Esposito about her road to diagnosis and recovery from the long-term effects of untreated Celiac Disease. If Jennifer’s story sounds familiar for you or any of your loved ones, ask your doctor to be tested for Celiac Disease. And don’t forget to give one of her famous baked goods a try – Jennifer’s Way Bakery now ships nationwide!

If you have been tested for Celiac Disease and are no longer eating any gluten, but you still suffer from any of the symptoms of Celiac Disease, ask your doctor if going on a Gluten-free and Cross-Reactivity-free diet is right for you. I suffered from severe brain fog, dermatitis, hives, and joint pain and swelling, just to name a few of my symptoms, for years after eliminating gluten from my diet. Six months ago I finally discovered that the culprit was gluten cross-reactivity foods, and my quality of life has greatly improved since.

Remember to always take care of your body and to put your health first, and never let other people’s lack of understanding pressure you to fit in with society’s “norms” at the cost of your health. Celiac Disease is real, and if someone tries to tell you otherwise, send them to the links above and keep on taking care of your body.

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