Hi, I’m Jessica!

“To tell you my story is to tell of Him.” – Big Daddy Weave

Hi, I’m Jessica and I suppose this is my testimony.

A year ago today I was improperly diagnosed with 8 main chronic illnesses and several underlying conditions and diseases, had to crawl from my bedroom to the bathroom most days while rejecting the use of a wheel chair, and was blogging about my journey to accepting “my new healthy” version of life with these conditions. Today I am completely disease free and 95% of my symptoms are gone. The other 5% of my symptoms that still linger can be attributed to muscle tissue degeneration that still requires months worth of rebuilding. While still present on and off, these symptoms get less and less painful and invasive every single day. My friends often forget I was ever even sick and some days and always some hours of every single day, I now forget too.

In two year’s time, through God’s grace, I have managed to completely restore my health after 15 years of painful ups and downs, false promises, and improper diagnosis and treatment in my “chronic” illness journey by finding a functional medicine practitioner who discovered and treated the root infections that were causing all of my “autoimmune” symptoms. I used to think that my life’s purpose was about helping others accept their illnesses as a new way of life that can still be joyous and optimized as much as possible, but this year in my own healing journey, I learned that I had it all wrong. There is no need to accept our new healthy life with a chronic illness at all. In truth, the modern understanding of chronic illnesses, genetic mutations, and overall diagnoses and treatment approaches are flawed to say the very minimum. People are rapidly picking up on this fact in the last few years as in-comprehensive numbers of people fall victim to cancer and mysterious “autoimmune” conditions. I have faith that the western world will continue to realize and awaken to this truth in the next few decades until we completely turn modern healthcare on its head and return to the timeless and permanently restorative healing that our bodies were designed, and ache, to achieve.

As a practicing Christian who was raised and Bat Mitvah-ed in a Jewish and very liberal Southern California family, my initial inclination would be to keep my faith separate from my health and wellness blog so that I am able to reach as many people as possible with my truth. But my truth is that to even begin to try and tell my healing journey without God in the picture would be virtually impossible and not my truth at all. He is my healing journey. My story is one of pain, but it is also one of triumph. It is not linear, but it is a permanent and upward truth. Because we as humans are, at the very core of our nature, both designed, and greater more CALLED to heal.

This year I finally broke free from a 15-year chronic illness sentence, and I now invite you on a journey with me to explore just how I did it and how I continue to learn more and more about the body’s innate ability and desire to heal both physically and spiritually through Christ, Functional Medicine, and God’s Garden. Every day I get better, every day I heal. And by grace, through faith, so will you.


With great love,